Do you provide Lunch and/or Snack? Parents must provide a sack lunch for now. We plan to offer catered lunches starting in June 2024. In the meantime, please take care to send a nutritious balanced lunch. CLICK HERE for great ideas. Kiddos will provide two snacks per day. There is a NO PEANUT OR NUT policy. Send finger foods in the provided Bento Box that do not require heating or refrigerating. We suggest ice pack in your student’s lunch box. Morning & Afternoon Snacks are provided by Kiddos. Kiddos will provide Bento box containers and a personalized Kiddos lunch box.

Can we celebrate my child’s birthday? We love to celebrate our Kiddos’ birthdays. Please work with the Director and the Teacher to figure out the best way to celebrate your child on their special day. We have to consider allergies, the least-disruptive time, etc. We’re juggling a lot, so it’s important we work together to find a way to make your child feel celebrated on their special day!

How do you handle Potty Training? We work with families and kiddos on potty training in our Toddler & Tots classes. This can be a tricky transition and we are in it with you every step of the way! We will work together to find the best time to start potty training and merge strategies used at school and at home to be successful.

Can I volunteer? We are so excited to kick off this NEW Early Learning Center and to involve our community often! We have mystery readers, holiday party helpers and utilize different talents/hobbies parents want to share with us. We will host fun events that parents will be invited to from Trunk or Treating, Grandparents day, Thanksgiving, and a Winter Performance!

What is your cleaning policy? Our top priority for all of our Kiddos is to prevent the spread of illness and keep our classrooms clean/sanitized. Toys and commonly used objects that will be mouthed will be cleaned after each use, and all toys and surfaces will be sanitized each day. High use surfaces like highchairs and tables will be cleaned before and after use. Crib sheets will be laundered daily on site and mattresses will be sanitized after each use. We will send home bedding for cots/mats each week to be laundered at home. We will have a comprehensive cleaning checklist for each room that our teachers and custodian will complete each day.

What is the sick policy? We follow Bright from the Start communicable infectious illness guidelines found HERE.