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We take care to ensure our KIDDOS experience the magic of childhood everyday. Being intentional about everything from how we change a diaper, to what positive affirmations we instill to how much outdoor time we get... every decision is for them.

Our KIDDOS' days are filled with meaningful moments, loving adults and careful attention to every detail. We ensure everything we do for them is the Kiddos Way, which means going above and beyond, working hard and leading with energy.

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Taking care of our hard working FAMILIES is a privilege! We are creating an experience from great customer service and easy parent communication to parent class and full family gatherings.

We also have opportunities for FAMILIES to be apart of the learning experience whether its volunteering at a class party, joining our parent think tank or just staying in tune with the curriculum. Providing parents a variety of opportunities that work with busy schedules.


Highly motivated and happy TEACHERS are the key to the quality of every childcare program. We believe taking care of our teachers well and curating an awesome work culture plays a HUGE part in your kiddos experience.... not to mention it's the right thing to do.

TEACHERS get competitive pay and thoughtful leadership to free uber rides and paid holidays. We care deeply for the whole teacher and make sure they are supported so they can support our kiddos.


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A full day childcare program that allows hard working families to pursue their career, without guilt, while their kiddo thrives in our care.


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This is a loaded term! In short, we have a focus on core learning, such as literacy, science and math. All our learning is through play and hands on teacher led lessons.

We have a focus on Language and Literacy and ensure we have a huge variety of books, puppets, dramatic play and a monthly Story Teller to bring Reading to life.

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A child's learning trajectory is not based on what academic milestone your child hits, but instead it based on whether or not your child believes in themself and advocates for their own learning.

We have 12 affirmations that your child will learn every year. We focus books, conversations and activities to ensure your child is a life long learner.

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Learning to be a part of a community is an invaluable skill. Character is built in the early years and we play close attention to our manners, how we treat our friends, the words we choose and how to treat the world around us.

We are excited to kick off our 1st annual Community Service project this school year, where families, teachers and kiddos contribute to our mission.


Kiddos is Locally Owned & Operated

Kiddos was founded by Lara Cornett who was born and raised in Atlanta! She is passionate about offering a boutique style of childcare where she can take care of her families, teachers and kiddos and add that personal touch. Click Here to learn more about our Leadership team.